Recycling is not about you,

its for you.


What the idea behind recycling, upcycling or repurposing?
This has many answers and will vary from person to person but here are a few reasons.

Its not always practical or safe to save every thing but a vast amount of items can be.
This site is intended to create a resource of how to recycle and also put into touch people
that produce recycled items for sale with potential buyers. Not everyone has the time to do this
but here they are given the opportunity to support the cause.

  I don't pretend to be super green or intelligent but I do what I can as walk begins with the first step, this is mine, what will yours be? and what will the other 7 billion people on this planets first step be?

Recycling Challenges

These challenges are optional but we encourage people to create these items and send in your photographs so we can display your work and encourage others.

Daily Recycle,Upcycle or Repurpose Challenge

These tasks are quick tasks that require a small amount of effort or planning, we do how ever at the weekend offer collection lists of items that is needed to create the upcoming weeks objects so you can be prepared.

Weekly Recycle,Upcycle or Repurpose Challenge

On each Saturday we will issue a more challenging task than the daily tasks but this gives you a whole week to be creative.

Monthly Recycle,Upcycle or Repurpose Challenge

By far the most challenging but these will be topical and will try and save you money by creating wonderful objects that you can be proud to gift to friends and family.